Roos van der Meijden

Paintings for people who have a liking for contemporary realistic art.

Like many other realist painters, I am influenced by classical painting. If you look a little longer, however, you will see that my paintings are also influenced by modern times and materials. Using oil and acrylic paints, I like to elaborate on the principles of the old Dutch masters and combine them with my own perceptions and colours.

My paintings are recognised by their strong suggestion of depth, a subtle way of painting and a balanced use of colour.  Cityscapes and interiors are what I like to paint and European cities are my main sources of inspiration.

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Roos van der Meijden

My name is Roos van der Meijden, I am 44 and live in Pijnacker. In 2001, I graduated from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague and have worked as a painter ever since. I paint very realistic cityscapes and interiors, both in acrylic and in oils.

When you look at my paintings, you will see that I like floors. I especially like to paint shiny floors with inlaid patterns. In combination with the contrasts between light and shadow, they breathe life into the stories in my paintings. Many paintings are based on moments in my personal life, symbolically represented or not. I have personally visited all the places depicted in my paintings.

Here you can see my paintings online.

Roos van der Meijden

Photo: Fred Leeflang Design